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Giving Someone Your Number at a Bar

Making eye contact with someone at a bar is a lot like licking a live wire. It would send jolts of electricity through your body, make your hair stand on end and leave you feeling rather dazed and somewhat uncertain of what is real and what isn’t! We would suggest that you try to compose yourself by going to the bathroom and splashing some water on your face, after which you need to address the opportunity that has just been presented to you although you might want to first realize that this is, in fact, an opportunity of course.

Treading lightly might be a good idea in these types of situations. You never know if the women you meet at bars in Ybor City are looking to meet other people or if they just want to be left alone. Someone making eye contact with you is definitely a potential sign that they are interested but you can’t take this as a given lest they were just looking in your general direction and might just feel a little weird about the fact that you took this to mean that they wanted something from you.

A safe way to go about dealing with these circumstances is by first returning the person’s gaze. If you realize that they are looking you right in the way, try to figure out if they are smiling or not. A smile is a definite sign that you should walk up to them or at the very least return the smile. This would help get things going between the two of you and if you play your cards right you might just find yourself in a brand new romantic relationship!