5 Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys – And What It Teaches

Five Little Monkeys is a fairly popular children’s song that has also found its way into the folk songs world as well as turned into a fingerplay. Again, just like some of the other children’s songs that we have been discussing and reviewing, Five Little Monkeys isn’t an useless nursery rhyme that would be listened over to a few times and forgotten but rather something that can be used to teach important values to kids.

Teaching Basic Math Using Five Little Monkeys

The lyrics of Five Little Monkeys seem to have been based around an interesting concept. They are probably aimed at offering the best of both worlds; they are also fun enough to be one of the best kids video songs, and include a lot of numbers that are reduced by one with every paragraph that follow the previous one.

This means that kids are not only going to enjoy it, but can also learn basic math like how five is reduced to four when one is subtracted from it, and so on till it reaches zero.

Teaching the Importance of Avoiding Bad Habits

The kids song Five Little Monkeys also teaches another important value. It tells that the monkeys that jumped off their bed ended up falling on the floor and getting a bump on his head.

This would help teach the kid that if they too jump at places where they are not supposed to, they may end up getting hurt as well. Similarly, the doctor advises the Mama in the poem that the monkeys should no longer jump off the bed, which can be used as a way of explaining the kid why they should avoid such things as well where they tend to get hurt.

And given how kids tend to get themselves in situations that can turn out to be harmful for them, teachings the things this poem tells can totally come in handy.

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